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The mission of the Buffalo Islamic community center of is to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) through establishing a facility for the prayer, education, and religious gathering for the Muslim Community of Buffalo NY.

Towards this end the masjid currently offers


   The Daily prayers and the Friday kuthba

    The Masjid is open for 5 daily prayers every day. Friday Prayers is delivered         in Arabic then translated and explained in Somali and/or English.


    We currently offer the following programs to make the Islamic education available

                               • Tafsir Al quran ( trasalation of the Holy Quran)
                               • Suwar miy hayat al Saxabah
                               • Quran study for the women
                               • The weekend madrasah ( Memorization of the holy(Quran)  


   Within the mosque there is an availability of the Imam for Nikah for those who wish to get married under Islamic law.

   Funeral Services

   We organize funerals for Muslims anyone who need our service can contact the mosque board for additional information.

  Advice & Counseling Service

  For anyone who needs  advice or assistance on any matter or have a question  in Islam or have a problem to discuss, our Imam   can be contacted , and we also we can arrange an appointment can be arranged to offer private and confidential advice

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